Sui Zhen

Sui Zhen Living Memory by Sui Zhen and collaborators Throughout her discography and performances, experimental pop and performance artist Sui Zhen has zoomed in on the intersections between human life and technology — how to exist in the digital age, as well as the ways… Read More »Sui Zhen

Sonya Holowell

Sonya Holowell Artist Provocateurs Small Group Discussion Sonya Holowell is a Dharawal woman, vocalist, composer and writer working across new and experimental genres. The contexts for her work, and the forms they take, are diverse and deeply questioning. Her practice comprises interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisation, multi-form… Read More »Sonya Holowell

Roslyn Oades

Roslyn Oades Audiosketch Roslyn Oades is a Melbourne-based theatremaker best known for her pioneering work in the field of headphone-verbatim and audio-driven performance projects. Her work has been commissioned by Malthouse, Melbourne Festival, Urban Theatre Projects, Sydney Festival, Belvoir, Vitalstatistix, Hot House and Festival 18 on… Read More »Roslyn Oades


Hi-Viz Practice Exchange 2020 Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange 2020 took place as an online event.Below is a schedule for the day, for more information on the day click here.  Thursday 22 October, 2020 10:00am – 11:30am Janet Cardiff in Conversation 11:30am – 12:30pm Small… Read More »Schedule

Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff Janet Cardiff In Conversation With Tamara Saulwick Canadian artist Janet Cardiff lives and works in British Columbia with her partner and collaborator George Bures Miller. The artists are internationally recognised for their immersive multimedia sound installations and their audio/video walks.  They have recently shown at… Read More »Janet Cardiff

Small group practice discussion

Small Group Practice Discussion Event Time Access Event Time Thursday 22 October, 202011:30am – 12:30pm Access   Small Group Practice Discussion was a curated breakout room set of conversations about practice, collaboration, influences and inspiration centred around themes of listening, time and transformation. This facilitated… Read More »Small group practice discussion

Vibrato Virtual

Vibrato Virtual Event Time Access Event Time Thursday 22 October, 202012:30pm – 1:15pm Access    Vibrato Virtual was an invitation into a temporary sound-making collective. Aviva Endean and Cobie Orger have been exploring collective sound making and its possibilities. In this participatory activity they brought… Read More »Vibrato Virtual


Audiosketch Event Time Access Event Time Thursday 22 October, 20201:45pm – 2:30pm Access   Sound maker Roslyn Oades was commissioned by Chamber Made to create a podcast series. Roslyn conducted a series of art dates with artists about their practice, with conversations particularly referencing how… Read More »Audiosketch